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Our broad product line of polyolefin based shrink films are used in a wide array of applications.  Zhongda® brand shrink films are used to shrink wrap printed items, toys and games, hardware, frozen foods, baked goods, fruits and vegetables and many other products. We produce crosslinked PE shrink films, non-crosslinked multi-layer shrink films, anti-fog shrink films and other specialty polyolefin based shrink films.  Our advanced formula cross-linked PE shrink film (ZDF03) is a high performance universal shrink film used on a wide variety of products and equipment types.  Our non-crosslinked multi-layer film (ZDF01) is ideally suited for high speed f/f/s wrappers utilizing static bottoms seals.  All of Zhongda films comply with FDA and USDA regulations and are produced in ISO certified facilities.  All film types are available pre-perforated.


ZDF01 high speed non-crosslinked shrink film

ZDF03 crosslinked universal shrink film

ZDF04 anti fog shrink film

ZDF08 thin gauge shrink film

Z101 soft shrink film


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